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I was meant to be going to MMC today for my maternity book in. Our circumstances have changed and i never got to go 🙁

Today im meant to be 11w6d but instead i am empty and with no baby.

Right now on TFAC there is a large number of women pregnant (6 to be exact). They vary from 37 weeks down to 10 weeks. I am happy for them, but geez its hard to read our happy they are and excited about their babies, their scans, genders and names for their unborn children. All the things i should be doing. Why am i being punished?

Im over the whole ‘It happened for a reason’ bullshit….yeah maybe it did, but it doesnt bring our baby back or make things any easier to deal with.

We have some lovely friends who have left so beautiful comments on Melanae’s Name in the sand. Im so very greatful for these words of love. I just hope more family and friends leave their comments over time.

In other news, Easter is next week, Kathy is meant to be coming down. It will be lovely to see her again and for the kids to spend some time with her.