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OK now that ive got that out of my system…i can post 🙂

So in the Nestle free Easter group on Facebook right now is a bunch of people who are trying to boycott Nestle and Cadbury (mainly Nestle though) because they use palm oil in their chocolate and they are chopping down trees that the orangutans live in and replacing them with other ones to grow this unsustainable oil.

Something like that shit anyhow….dont really care about it to research it any more then that.

Nestle also ‘apparently’ give 3rd world countries formula and tell mothers breastfeeding isnt good and they should use formula.  So they do and then cannot afford to buy the product and due to the conditions being so crap with the water formula cant be made properly, therefore kids are dying.

This is Nestles fault…HOW???? Human race decides to breastfeed or formula feed..not Nestle.

So yes….i wont be boycotting either company….no intention of ever stopping with their products either. There is also a Facebook group running.

Maybe these people should starting looking at the world around them, support the homeless, support cancer research…and things would be better then trying to bring down two huge companies..maybe just maybe life would be better for alot more people!

Nestle and Cadbury own ALOT of companies…gee if we boycott them we will all starve and not live…

So to those boycotting…get a F**KING grip on life and get over it!!!!!!