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Dropping Chelsea off to ABC was good. She didnt cry!!!!!! Walked in…and Chelsea took off….out of sight..didn’t care. It was a good morning 🙂

On the other hand, Jasmine was upset when i dropped her off at FDC because Zachery wasn’t with her today. He was sick so i kept him home. Jasmine was happy when i picked her up however.

Not much else is new. 4 days until Master Z is 14 months old…where in the world is time going??

Why not pop onto Time For A Cuppa and meet some new faces, talk about your kids, maybe your TTC journey or even anything in general. We are a lovely bunch of fun ladies who love a good chat. Very supportive and definitely dont judge like other forums do.

Also want to do a shout out for a great friend, Jess. Jess is the mastermind behind MWWAH – Mums Who Work At Home website. This is a great portal for supporting WAHM businesses and finding awesome places to buy items for your kiddies and home. If you have any questions, Jess is more then happy to help you out!

Another shout out goes to Tamara and her hard work setting up a Depression and Anxiety forum. This forum is to support people with mental illness, or people supporting others through their journey. Another great bunch of people who are very supportive and full of advice.

If there is anyone wanting to add their website / Business to the link section please leave a comment. Or if you would just like a shout out…leave me a comment and ill do my best to promote it!

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