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To my Dearest angel,

4 weeks…28 whole days has gone by since you grew your wings. Not a day has passed where i havent yearned for you to still be with us. To know why you are no longer with us. Why you were taken so early and why me. Why was i chosen to loose a miracle?

Each day has been hard. Seeing your sisters and brother playing and giggling. The things i will never get the chance to do with you. I often wonder what you would have looked like. Would you have blonde hair and blue eyes like Chelsea, Jasmine and Zachery. Would you have a smile that just melts your heart away. Maybe you have a cheeky trademark. Im sorry sweetheart i will never know these things.

Yesterday morning Chelsea came up to me after i stepped out the shower and touched my belly and said ‘Baby’. How i wish that was true. Sadly i said ‘No baby Chelsea, baby gone’. She doesnt understand though, not until she it older when i can tell her about you.

On Monday i requested your name to be written in the sand. I should have that back in around 2-3 weeks. I cant wait for you to see it. I will be getting a photo as well, then i’ll place it on the wall. I wont ever forget you, but this will be my cherished memory of you.

I still havent been able to throw out the 2 BFP tests. They live on the kitchen bench where i can see them all day when ever i get a drink or snack. It hurts to see them, but you gave me the best 6 weeks of my life before you left.

Hopefully your playing up there and having so much fun. Im sure theres lots of angels to share your life with. One day we will meet again.

Until then sweet Melanae, i love you lots and lots.


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