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Poor Zooki just couldnt keep awake while playing behind the lounge today. A quick cat nap might have fixed all the problems though!

I just had to show this picture of our little man…he is so gorgeous!!

Zachery is now nearly 15 months old. He continues to amaze us daily and is trying so hard to walk now. As you can see in the picture he is beginning to get a mouthful of teeth 🙂

On Saturday we all headed to the Melbourne Aquarium. What an adventure!

First we left Narre station. The train was fine until we hit Springvale. We had to get off the train then catch a bus to Oakleigh. The bus was packed, luckily a man moved so i could sit down and hold on to Zachery who was in the pram. Arrive at Oakleigh then we had to catch another train to Southern Cross Station.

Walked a million miles and finally arrive at the Aquarium where Kirsten and Ryley were waiting for us. Got our yearly membership and entered the building.

First were the penguins. The kids loved them. We had arrived in time for feeding. Was funny seeing them all eat. After that they all had fun swimming and we got some great pictures.

We then made our way around the aquarium before stopping for lunch.  After a great day of fun it was time to head for the train station.

This time Kirsten said it would be easier for us to get on at Flinders. OMFG….the walk from the aquarium was double what we had done from Southern Cross station!

Train came and we got on. Kathy and myself held our breath as we approached Oakleigh. DAMMIT…we had to get off and onto a bus. Finally on the bus and we arrived at Springvale, only to see our train departing.

The next one wasnt to arrive until 40 minutes later. By then we had 3 very overtired and cranky children. Armed with chips and soft drink we were OK! Train finally arrived and we were on our way home at last.

Around 6pm we finally made it home.

Was an awesome day despite the public transport blunder and the kids had lots of fun.