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Im sick of liers, pretenders, up them self whores, and people who think they are better then everyone else. Yesterday a high and mighty thought she was soooo good, she was wrong. She was just being childish and it was laughable the shit she was dribbling on about.

Im sick of living here. I hate it. Its so boring and nothing to do. My friends are limited, they dont seem to have time anymore. I try to organise  a meet up, and they dont follow through, so why bother. Im better off keeping to myself anyhow, dont have to be nice then. Craig has his mates, so all is good.

Im sick of never having money. When i want to buy something for the kids, i want to be able to buy it, not check the bank balance first, to find out its a no go on shopping. Maybe i do need to get a job, so i have something for me. Money for me and the kids. Money so we can get through each week. Money is in short supply, things are costing so much more.

Im sick of being away from family. When Kathy came to visit it was the best 3 days for all of us. The kids got to spend time with Grandma, Craig had time with his Mum and  i got interaction with some one other then Craig. The kids miss their Grandparents. They need them. Both our folks are not getting any younger, nor are Grand-parents.  We never see our siblings, the kids Aunts and Uncles. That’s not fair what so ever on them.

Im sick of having to travel to NSW. I want to be in NSW so a visit to family and friends is only a few hours, not 10-14 hours away.

Im sick of feeling like shit. My bad days are out weighing the good.

Siiiiiiiiiiiiiiickkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk of EVERYTHING.

Some days my kids and Craig are the only thing that keeps me going. No one understands me. No one ever will.

Like today, i want to be left alone.  Tomorrow ill wanna be left alone too. Leave me be.

Meh…vent over…..

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    Hey hunny,
    Just saw your post.
    Im so sorry youre feeling down and are going through a rough time. I hope it picks up for you soon. If theres anything i can do to help, even just to chat, im always here. We may not know each other well, but least we have one thing in common, we’ve both been burned but are the better end!
    Big hugs.

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