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My oh my how time flies…..on this date 16 months ago Mr Zachery Liam entered the world!!!!!

At the moment he is very sick, poor bubby couldn’t sleep very well yesterday, he just kept crying and wanting to be held. Even Nurofen and Dimetapp didn’t help. Was early dinner, shower and bed for all 3 kiddies.

As for the other 2 kids…OMG they are a handful. Chelsea is getting the worst attitude and Jasmine is in close 2nd. Tonight it took Craig and myself over a hour to clean the house. They had toys spread out, clothes (not sure what was clean and dirty…it all went in the wash) everywhere, food and crumbs all over the floor….the list goes on. PIG STY!

I don’t dare try and clean their rooms while they are home, it will take a day to do it LOL

What else……

Cheyne, Mick and Angelo are currently in USA. They are over there for 3 weeks. LUCKY DUCKS. How i wish i was there and not here right now.

Tomorrow is my Nephew Brendan’s 9th birthday….wow that’s gone quick too 🙂

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