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Today is a bad day. I would have been 18 weeks pregnant 🙁

Instead im still empty and my body is still not in tune. Ive been having medical tests and ultrasounds, just got another lot to go before i know whats going on.

Its hard reading about people who are pregnant. Or having their 18 week scans or buying baby clothes in preparation for their new bundles.

Maybe its the million chicks who have given birth recently thats upsetting me too.

All i know is, things are hard. Maybe 3 is our limit and thats why my body isn’t allowing me to have another bub. Either way, im not at peace and feel like shit.

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    Dear Kim

    I don’t want to intrude on your private thoughts and I can see that you are struggling to find peace with the loss of your treasured baby. Try to be gentle with yourself and share the love that you have for Melanae with Craig and the many other people that love you and care for. This mothers day my wish for you is peace. When I am struggling with something difficult and its hard to get out of bed, I have a little saying that helps me through….It might help you also.
    “God grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change
    The courage to change the things I can
    And the wisdom to know the difference”.
    You need to be kind to yourself and see your true value as a person. I know that its not easy to do, but once you see your value………….peace will follow. Thank you for being a wonderful wife to Craig and a great mum to our wonderful grandchildren. We love you very much and wish you a Happy Mothers Day.

    Love Kath & Peter xoxoxoxo

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    You are a wonderful mother and extraordinary wife. You have goals and done what ever is needed to achieve them. On this day, Mothers day, it is you who I look up to, hoping to one day be like you.

    We all have our up times and our very low times, during both these times, its hard to forget how much your friends and your family love and care for you.

    Please always remember I am here, Just a simply phone call away, and if needed a cheap flight away.

    Luv Ya kimmy… xoxoxox


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    Thank you so much Kathy and Kristel. Your messages mean alot to me and im very thankful to have such wonderful women in my life.

    Love you both lots *Mwah*

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