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Today the kids were invited to Krystal’s 4th birthday party at Mill Park. Those that know me well, will know i freak when i have to leave my ‘safe area’ and venture out of town. So anyway, Mill Park is about 1 hour from here…other side of town.

Craig could not find the GPS and i freaked out. How the hell was i going to get from here to there without it? There was no way i was going to be able to drive AND read a damn map or directions from a bit of paper. I have a tanty and say ‘Oh well least the car insurance is up to date when some one plows up my arse cos I’m trying to see where I’m going’.

So after being a grizzly pot and swearing (and cursing alot), he agreed to come with me.

Driving along….we are going well. Until, Shit….we took the wrong turn, so we stop a little up the road. Next minute¬†BANG…..holy fuck…some dick just ran up our arse. He was probably going about 40 km/h. Craig gets outs and starts talking to the dude. I see they are exchanging details, but i am shaking and fuming about this prick, so i get out of the car.

The guy doesn’t seem to care. Our poor bomb has taken a beating to the rear and the side (cos he tried to swerve and avoid us, but he still got the driver side). Craig starts banging on the side of the car to get the bumper back into place. The boot looks a bit suss.

I think i jinxed us with my comment this morning….dammit!

Guy drives off…not a scratch or damage what so ever. Luck was on his side cos he had a high car (like a utility beast sorta thing). We finally get back on the road and make our way to the party.

We get to Macca’s and i go to get the pram outta the boot…WONT OPEN….damn thing has been squished so much its compacted it. ¬†No pram for Zachery.

The girls have a great time at the party, and by 130 or so are getting restless so we head off. Yep, we got lost and ended up in Doncaster. Finally at 3pm we make it home and the kids go to bed!!!!

So what does the car look like? Not as bad as one might think, but still bad enough.