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Im really into reading blogs at the moment. One that i really like to read is a lady who sadly lost her bub at 32 weeks. A beautiful little Prince. I dont know her all that well, but i know from her blog she is a very strong and brave Mummy. Her blog is soothing to read, it is called Sweet Soft Smudge.

I also like Enjoying the Small Things. A Mum of 2 girls. Her 2nd was born with Downs Syndrome. She wasn’t aware of this until her baby was born.

Another i read is a blog by my friend Sally. Her blog is Parenting Premmies. The journey of her 2 sons, both born premature. Her 1st son was born at 30+1 weeks and then her 2nd son at 34+3 weeks. Yet another strong Mum and its such a blessing to know her.

Most of the time i blog hop….. i begin at one blog, and then see blogs they have linked to and then start reading those.

So… Do you blog?

Post a comment if you do and ill check you out as well đŸ™‚

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