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How on earth did i forget to post an update on the car scenario!!???

Well, as luck had it, last Sunday we hired a car and went car hunting (in the pouring rain mind you). Anyhow, we went over to Jefferson Ford in Mentone as they had a 2004 Ford Falcon BA XT (a car pretty much) in our price  range and acceptable kilometre range.

It was NICE….so, long story short, we bought it!!!

Lucky for us, the hire car had to be returned on Wednesday so Ford were able to deliver the car to us that afternoon.

Unlucky for us was the sales guy didn’t realise the heater hadn’t been fixed, so we had to take it back on Thursday. We now have a loan car until our newbie is back on the road…hopefully by late this coming week.

So anyhow, ive borrowed this pic off Car Sales where we originally found it. Once we get the car back ill take better pics 🙂

On Friday we had a treadmill delivered. We have only hired it for 4 weeks at the moment. I think we’ll extend the hire contract though.

Im loving it. First night i used it, i had speed of 3.5kpm for 15 mins. When i used it next i bumped it up to 4kph, incline of 2 and went for 20 mins.

Feeling really good using it. Hopefully it will help with the weight loss. So far ive lost 1.2kg. Whilst not alot, its a start all the same!

I have been doing a weight loss blog as well, but its not shared publically. Once ive lost all the kilos i need to, then i will share more journey…so yep…you will be waiting a LONG TIME!