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Samaritan’s Purse are offering free resources as part of their ‘Turn On The Tap’ campaign to help raise awareness and funds for safe accessible water in the developing word. The following resources can be ordered online:

  • Jack and Jill: A story about water
  • ‘Turn on the Tap’ bottle label – Turn any bottle into a water fundraiser
  • ‘Turn on the Tap’ DVD

You can easily help raise funds for ‘Turn On The Tap’ by uploading a photo of your tap. For every photo sent in their sponsor will donate $2.

To find out more information and receive your free resources visit Turn On The Tap

My babies clothes that is 🙁

Craig and I have decided 3 babies is what we are happy with, therefore, im selling all my kids clothes that no longer fit.

I have kept a few small outfits, id have kept the lot if it was practical, but its not the case.

Today ive bundled up 4 parcels to go to new owners, it was hard. It was sad. I am full of emotions from doing such a simple task.

One day maybe there will be another and we can start fresh, but i dont see that happening.

I still have alot more for sale, but no one seems to want to buy…good or bad..not sure!