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Well the day has come….our Moodle mobile went in for her bingle assessment…and FAILED.

Visual damage alone totalled $1900….then it would need a new tow bar ($600)…that’s without even looking under that car..

Apparently the damage to the rear was quite bad and the guy was surprised no one was hurt even though the other car was going at a fairly ok speed (so we guess more then 40kph like we guessed).

It screwed all the door frames, the boot was structurally damaged….

Over all….it was alot worse then we could see, and they said it wasn’t economical to fix.

We have our personalised plates still for the next car.

Our bomb has been written off and it now going to salvage land 🙁

Of course, Craig mis-understood the chick on the phone yesterday who said ‘Make sure there is 1/4 tank of fuel in the car…..for, ‘Make sure there is a FULL tank of fuel in the car’….so $45 lost on filling it up (when it didn’t need to be cos there was over a 1/4 tank left in the first place).

So now we must look for a new car ASAP…as we no longer own one….really great when you have 3 kids that need to get to school….to the shops…and for any other reason!

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