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Two of my friends from TFAC have given birth 🙂

Jay delivered a baby girl named Leah Pearl by c/s last Wednesday 4th August, weighing a healthy 7lb 9oz


Jo delivered a gorgeous blue bundle, Baby Ummm (name still to be decided) on Sunday 8th August at 610am, weighing 7lb 10oz

Well 4 sleeps time Craig and i will be flying to Sydney ready for our cruise. I’m still not excited at all, gosh i hope i snap out of this soon!

Tonight we packed the suitcases. Still have more to pack but 90% is done.

Chelsea is excited about Grandma coming to stay, and knows Mummy and Daddy are going on holidays. Its Zachery I’m worried about. He is very MUMMMMMM at the moment and cant stand being out of sight from me. I’m really going to miss my baby snuggles with him while we are gone.

We also got an upgrade (or down grade depending how you look at it). We were on deck 7  (highest deck for sleeping) with an inside cabin, and we now are on deck 5 (second lowest deck), outside but with a window. So lower deck…but gained a window.