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A lovely lady on Essential Baby has made me new sigs for the forum and just had to share them!!

RIP matey

At 11pm on Wednesday 27th October a good man lost his battle to live. Sadly Uncle Vin was taken suddenly from us. I have been told it was due to a blood clot going to his brain.

It was sad news to wake up to, but we had been told on Tuesday the doctors didn’t expect him to make it through the night as he had toxins going through his body. My heart goes out to Dad as he flew home from a 3 week trip in USA with Renee to such devastating news 🙁

Uncle Vin battled the odds for 3 very long months in hospital, but just couldn’t hold on any longer. My thoughts and prayers also go out to his beautiful partner, Darielle, who has supported him through this tough time despite the problems family have given her.

Darielle is an amazingly strong lady and she will miss Uncle Vin deeply.

May you forever Rest In Peace Uncle Vin. Love you and always will.