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Today marked a celebration of birth and death. As Uncle Vin was laid to rest, i turned 28. It seems wrong to say ‘Happy’ Birthday when its such a sad day, but i know he wouldn’t want me to be upset and down.

Kathy + family gave me $200 to spend…and spend i did. Autograph have a sale on right now so i picked up a new top, shorts and a dress. Then in Kmart i got some new shoes, sunnies and 2 bras!! Good bargain shopper i am 🙂

Chelsea made me a lovely card at school. Tonight we all went to Pancake Palour….BIG mistake. Im now ready for bed. Sucks being old 😛

Today Uncle Vin was laid to rest. I didnt attend the funeral, but i was there in spirit. Dad said the casket was nice and had the most beautiful flowers on top.

Darielle was able to make the funeral. Last week she had a fall and broke her arm, wrist and leg. Luckily Patient transport was able to take her to and from the funeral.

May you forever live on Uncle Vin, you are now at peace and with your beloved wife