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Its been a bit doom and gloom on my blog the past week, but sadly this is another gloomy post.

On this date 7 years ago, a day after i turned 21, i was at work. I remember being in the cool room doing up an order for the manager. I recall hearing over the PA ‘Kim Dent can you come to the office please, Kim Dent to the office‘. I didn’t go, i kept working cos i really HAD to get the orders done before 8am. Again my name was called over the PA, only this time it was to come immediately. So off i went upstairs to see my manager holding the phone. It was a call for me on Line 2. My manager stayed…

Me: Hello

Mum: (through broken tears) Its only me, Uncle Norm has died

Me: (Already fighting tears apon hearing mum crying) What????

Mum: He died this morning

Me: How, where, nooooooo

Mum: In the paddock, council workers found him in his car.

Me: Noo he cant be

The rest of the call is history, but i will never forget mum telling me Uncle Norm was gone. He was never coming back. No one seen this coming. No one wanted to believe he had died.

I spent the rest of the morning in the tea room sobbing, staff walking past me not knowing what to say or why i was crying like a mad women.  James drove me home. I cried the whole way. How could this have happened. The day before i was celebrating my 21st, and that day i was grieving the loss of an Uncle. He had died of a heart attack. Heart problems are common in dad’s family, so it was of no  surprise it’s what took his life in the end.

Much like yesterday, i was celebrating my 28th, and at the same time yet another uncle was being buried 🙁

My other memory, again sad, was receiving a card in the mail. I opened it so excitedly, only to end in tears. It was from uncle Norm. He had posted it, more then likely, the day before he passed away.

So today i remember the past. The loss of my beloved Uncle Norm. May he now be running around with his brother Vin and watching over us everyday 🙂