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Well last night Craig took me our for a post birthday night out. We hired Anita to watch the kids and around 7pm we left home. First stop was Crown Casino where we had dinner at Spice Temple. O M F G….the food was to die for. Was just soooooo yummy!! Of course $140 later we left. I was beginning to have really bad pains and wasn’t sure i was going to make it to our next fun venue. After a few trips the the loo and the feeling of wanting to spew, i was right again 🙂

So we got a taxi and headed to…. The Men’s Gallery !! Wow is all I’ll say. I didn’t think I’d be able to walk in, but I’m glad I did. Its an experience that’s for sure, and so much fun. The chicky babes were so HOT HOT HOT. I’d do anything for a body like them. Craig paid a gorgeous girl, Allegra, to do a little show for me. She was so pretty, but i had no idea where to look LOL 🙂

Around midnight we headed back to Crown, grabbed a coffee and some Krispy Kreme donuts and headed home!

Was the best night out in a long time..and a very nice birthday present off Craig!