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Sadly yesterday one of my gorgeous friends found out devastating news. She was to be a bit over 10 weeks pregnant when bleeding began. Sunday night she went to the hospital where blood and an internal were done, returned great results. Yesterday she had a scan.

Its with much sadness that she was informed her baby had passed away 3 weeks ago.

Having been through Melanae’s loss, i knew exactly the pain (physically and emotionally), the heart ache and the ‘whys’ that would be running through her mind right now. I am there to support her, 2 states apart, but never more then a phone call or MSN chat away.

Deb, you’re a strong lady and im so sorry for your loss. May your precious angel forever look over you and your family forever. She is in the skies above playing with Melanae and all the other angel babies. RIP Ruby Rose you will always hold a special place in mummies heart.

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