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Break time

Whilst i don’t usually post very personal things on my blog, this time i am going to. Mainly cos it affects me as a whole and something i will look back on in 6-12 months time and either say it was the right choice, or a very big mistake.

What I’m talking about is my marriage situation. Craig and I are currently separated. This came as a huge shock to both our friends and family. I wont post details, but i will say it was myself who asked for the break. I needed to be on my own (well add 3 kids and 3 cats into the mix).

So far so good. I’m handling it well. i have my days with the kids where i think its all to hard, but i plough on and get through the day and night. The kids are slowly adjusting to the change of not having daddy here (who is staying with Cheyne at the moment and seeking a rental). He comes to visit for family dinner night on a Wednesday, and sees them 1-2 times through the week in the day time if he is in the area or needs to drop round for something.

I have a lot to think about over the coming months, and i hope i can get the right choice made!

That’s all i wish to post about right now 🙂