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Well its been a bit of a shit year…some good times, and alot of bad times too.

But the past week I’ve realised just how short life is, and have started enjoying it! Since the kids have been away, I’ve been able to sit down and relax (mummy friends will understand how difficult that is when kids are involved), and think abut the future. I have been able to catch up with friends, go to the movies, go shopping and sleep in.

I’m loving the single life, and the freedom i have. Its been a huge change and I’m LOVING life alot. I have new friends that i can now hang out and socialise with, something I’ve never really been able to do.

I have new single mummy friends too!

NYE will be spent with Kirsten and Shari…and their 2 boys. I’m excited and cant wait, will be an awesome night 🙂

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