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Well like usual im a day behind the times, but yesterday was Australia Day. I had the kids but we didn’t go anywhere. I was so tired and they were in a feral mood so we just stayed home. Watched some tv, built towers, done colouring in, and made a huge mess! Girls were in bed and asleep by 930….late yes..but earlier then normal! unlike Master Z who crashed by 810!

Seriously, why did i bother applying for nursing when i knew i was to dumb to do it. I didn’t get offered a uni place. Oh well, such is life. Move on and forget i tried 🙁

Ok so im a few days late but its been a busy weekend

Happy 2nd Birthday to my beautiful boy, Zachery Liam for the 15th!
We had a lovely day at Craig’s, had KFC for lunch and then a cake. He loved all his presents and was very spoilt

Its hard to think that this time 2 years ago i was preparing dinner for the last time as a mummy of 2 girls!

My little man is going to be 2 tomorrow, he is no longer my baby but my big toddler who amazes me every day. He has started talking so much more and is becoming very affectionate with lot of kisses and cuddles.

He has really come out of his shell since the girls have been staying with Craig. Opened up alot more and become his own person and really evolved 🙂

January: We started off with health checkups for the kids, all went really well. Zachery also hit the big ONE! How fast the year flew. My little man went from a newborn to a toddler over night…well so it felt anyhow! I had a little party for him and made him a Bumblebee cake.
February: For the past 10 months Craig and i had been TTC #4.  After a long stressful time, we finally got our BFP. I was over joyed to finally see those 2 lines at last. We also were set for a 2 night mini break in QLD while Kathy looked after the kids. Sadly, on 16th whilst in NSW, the pains began. Off i went to JHH to be told that my baby had a very low heart beat and would end in miscarriage. It was a matter of when. I woke on the morning on 17Th to even more blood and ‘contractions’. By 11am i felt like i was leaking and rushed to the toilet. That’s when i passed my baby. My little Raindrop was no longer able to fight for life. My Melanae Lily grew her wings. I was 6w5d along. We still flew to QLD but it wasn’t enjoyable. All i wanted was my baby back 🙁
Chelsea also began ‘school’ AKA as ABC. She was in the pre kinder room. She loved going!
March:We headed off to Casey kids carnival. It was a hot day and was pretty boring. Instead we took the kids to Lollipops. The kids had a blast. Well, until jasmine fell and hurt her ankle and couldn’t walk on ut. I ended up having to take her to Casey hospital to get checked out. All was OK! March also seen Melanae’s name written in the sand.
April: Kathy came down to visit and we took the kids to Melbourne Aquarium. They had the penguins there and the kids loved them alot. Not alot else happened in this month.
May: We booked our P&O cruise for August!! At 16 months old Zachery FINALLY began walking!! We had waited so long and he finally took off. Not everything was good news in May however. Whilst on our way to a kids party, a guy ran up our arse. Our car was eventually written off and the new car search began. I also had many trips to the doctor to find out why i was not falling pregnant (and when i did, why i miscarried). It was revealed i had hyperthyroidism. We also got a new drier off Cheyne as a thank you gift.
June: We got a new car. Its a white Ford 2005 model sedan. Lovely to drive too, much better then the bomb we had. I began my weight loss journey to loose as much as i can!
July: Craig and i celebrated 4 years of marriage. Our GPS was stolen from our car. Sadly the month ended with a call from mum to say Uncle Vin had, had a stroke and was in hospital.
August: Voting took place for our new PM. Craig and i sailed off on our cruise, while Kathy watched the 3 terrors back home. The cruise was devine. We had a great time and missed the kids alot. I would love to do another one in the future
September: Girl power has taken over. Julia Gillard was elected as our new Prime Minister. I also applied for University doing a Bachelor of Nursing. I have to wait til January 2011 to see if i got in or not. We also took a trip to Renee’s for 2 weeks.
October: While i was in NSW, Craig came back home as he had to work. Pixie and Dexter were re homed, well, i hope they were, Craig took them to RSPCA. 8Th October was a hard day for me. It was the day i remembered Melanae. She would have been born that date (give or take). Instead i was empty, no newborn, no kicks and no baby breath or eyes looking back at me. Jasmine turned 3. As if dealing with Melanae’s loss wasnt hard enough, i also lost Uncle Vin on the 27th. He just couldn’t hold on any longer and he too, grew his wings.
November: On 5Th the family said Good Bye to Uncle Vin as he was laid to rest. I didn’t go to the funeral, but i was there in spirit. Miss Chelsea turned 4. Such a big girl now!
December: Well just as the year couldn’t get any worse, a bombshell was thrown to family and friends. Craig and i separated. He went to live with Cheyne, whilst i stayed in our home. He then found his own place in Pakenham. Christmas was hard, he took them to his families place and i spent it alone. New years was spent at home with a few friends.