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So who doesnt have Facebook? Everyone one has good old Facey….everyone but me. Today i woke up, and 2 hours later it was gone. Gone from sight and gone from being loaded in my browser. Well thats a lie, i have the kids page still, but thats to keep the family happy. They need to see pictures all the time so thats why i have left theirs active. Mine ceases to exist.




May be deleted.


Moving on to friends. Who may they be i often wonder. I tell one person EVERYTHING and find out another knows, good trust there. Or i say one thing to a friend, and then its passed onto another. Sure i know friends worry but FFS theres no need to play chinese whispers behind my back. People say i have lots of friends…why cos i had 157 ‘friends’ on Facey? Did i know them all…personally no, IRL no, there was a handful that i do actually know for real. The rest ive picked up via forums, chat sites, dating sites or through other people. So no, i dont have friends and you know what..i LOVE it..means i have no one to care about or hurt in my dark days.

And so we come to life. Yes i have depression.

Yes i am seeking help.

Yes i hate life.

Yes i know i have issues.

Yes i know i bottle things up.

Yes i know i let things get the better of me.

Yes things are not as bad as i let things become.

Yes i push my friends away.

Yes i know no one understands me.

Yes i want to be left alone…… PLEASE