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While ive missed my babies immensely (who are currently at Grandmas giving Craig and myself a break) Ive enjoyed the peace and me time. Ive managed to complete Mount Foldmore YAY! Ive also moved the girls big draws into the lounge room for their clothes, moved my clothes back into my room (where in Chelsea’s room….long story..don’t ask), and bagged up 7 bags of kids clothes for the donation bin. Gosh it was hard doing that but it needed to be done. I have no need for them anymore and i don’t think ever will 🙁

So this week Ive done some cleaning…sure the house looks worse now, but ill get to it before Tuesday, cant have Renee walking in to a complete bomb zone!  Ive been eating proper meals (even though the last few days have been a bit of a write off). Its been nice to finally spend some time with my friend.

Today i didn’t do much. Spent half the day at the Dr’s with a friend, then when we were done there, i had to visit my own doctor for a couple of issues. All is fine, no need to worry, just had to get a referral for something and question on my damn IUD that’s STILLLL giving me troubles, I’m so close to ripping it out its not funny.

Speaking of which, i never posted about my last little mishap i had with it did i?

About 2-3 weeks ago fell OUT….like not a little way…but ALL THE WAY OUT!  So of course off to my GP i go, tell him the story and then informs me, more then likely it was never inserted correctly in the first place :O

I got a new script and IUD and then i had to search for somewhere to get it in. I could have gone back to the clinic but i was worried they would stuff it up again, so my friend found a Dr in another practice who done it and i went there. OMFG…i had it in with nooooo sedation this time. Let me say one thing..NEVER AGAIN. Sedation all the way for me. Least i wasn’t alone when i had it done!

Of course now the same issues are still hanging round and im getting a bit over it and want to pull it out and find another contraceptive, but nothing else takes my fancy LOL

So that’s about all that’s new round here. Off to Mudgee next week for 2 weeks. Only down side is i’ll have no mobile reception and i’ll miss my friend!!!!!!

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    Kimmy, You’ve been missed. You’ll continue to be missed.

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