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Some may have noticed pictures popping up of my kids in the most stunning looking handmade clothes of late. For those who know me well, will know i cannot sew to save myself, therefore they must be coming from somewhere…and that is very true!

They are being made by Peta, a WAHM of 2 younng girls. Princess P. Creations was launched this year but the venture took of last year when i was asking for some custom clothes for the kids Christmas day outfits.

So here we go for the fashion parade starting with Christmas outfits:

Next i ordered the girls some nighties, Zachery some PJ’s and a spare pair of everyday shorts…which arrived today:


I looooooove Peta’s stuff….so as Peta’s business cards say:

Handmade fashion for the littlest Prince or Princess through to the queen bee!

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    SO glad you love them Kim! Thank you SO much for the little promo… can’t wait to see lots of pics with the kiddies in their new outfits 🙂 xxx

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    There will plenty of pics once they are all home again!

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