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Arghhhhhh right now im so damn sick with a cold and it wont goooooo! Other day Jasmine was sick so she kindly passed her germies onto me. Thanks Sweetheart ­čÖé

The girls are going well at school, been a bit of a drama at drop off’s with crying and clinging on, but calm down after 5 or so minutes. Zachery is also getting a bit upset too.

On Wednesday (23rd) Zachery had his hearing test, which of course he passed just as i predicted.  So at least thats one issue crossed off the list in regards to his lack of speech problem. We are still on the waiting list for Toddler Matters and his full assessment.

In 2 weeks my cousin is coming to stay! Ive not seen him in YEARS…like 20+ years so im really looking forward to that.

I have to say a huge CONGRATULATIONS to Megan and her husband Kevin on the wonderful news thery are expecting their first child this year!!


Home at last!

Yesterday i left Mudgee for Melbourne ….3 kids in toe…ALONE!

We left around 840am from Mum and Dads. I was tired before id even pulled out of the drive way. I copped shit from friends for even driving alone in the forst place, but i had little choice. Renee didnt realise i meant this week to come home and she was busy and couldnt drive back with me. Next week i have appointments so needed to be home.

We got to Kings Plain and there was an accident so had to do a huge detour up a gravel road and around the world.

Stopped at Cowra for lunch and then headed off. For dinner we stopped in Rutherglen at Jess’s. Headed off around 9pm!

Finally after a huge 972km we arrived home ­čÖé

Was so nice to sleep in my own bed

Thursday Renee and i drove to Mudgee for me break away from home!

On Friday Renee and i drove to Singleton to pick up the kids from Kathy. At night we went to Mudgee show, wasnt very exciting, but was  a night out at least.

Saturday morning i headed over to Dubbo to stay with Kayla for a few days. It was Saturday njight that things turned fun. We hit the town for drinkies. Beginning at the RSL for cocktails and then headed to Amaroo for the night of grog and dancing. I was a good girl and started off ┬ádrinking slowly, but it was when i hit the bourbon and coke i was gooone! I dunno what time we left, but we got home around 3am ­čÖé

Shame Sunday morning we were both hung over, tired and couldnt function to well. It was also her son Ethans 3rd birthday. We went to a play centre for a few hours. Rest of the afternoon was wasted on napping and chilling!

Today after brunch i headed back to Mudgee. I went out to the cemetery before heading to mums. Im so so so tired but there will be no nap today as i gotta watch the kids while the oldies sleep and do what ever they do LOL

Its been nice til now, i just hope the rest of the week is fun. Heading home on Thursday at this stage.


I think Melbourne is having a mother nature issue…today is the first day of Autumn..or is WINTER??┬áSeriously, it feels like -5 degrees here, its raining, miserable, windy and just plain yucky!!

All i want to do is turn the heater on and i cant cos it trips all my power circuits if i do LOL