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Home at last!

Yesterday i left Mudgee for Melbourne ….3 kids in toe…ALONE!

We left around 840am from Mum and Dads. I was tired before id even pulled out of the drive way. I copped shit from friends for even driving alone in the forst place, but i had little choice. Renee didnt realise i meant this week to come home and she was busy and couldnt drive back with me. Next week i have appointments so needed to be home.

We got to Kings Plain and there was an accident so had to do a huge detour up a gravel road and around the world.

Stopped at Cowra for lunch and then headed off. For dinner we stopped in Rutherglen at Jess’s. Headed off around 9pm!

Finally after a huge 972km we arrived home 🙂

Was so nice to sleep in my own bed