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Thursday Renee and i drove to Mudgee for me break away from home!

On Friday Renee and i drove to Singleton to pick up the kids from Kathy. At night we went to Mudgee show, wasnt very exciting, but was  a night out at least.

Saturday morning i headed over to Dubbo to stay with Kayla for a few days. It was Saturday njight that things turned fun. We hit the town for drinkies. Beginning at the RSL for cocktails and then headed to Amaroo for the night of grog and dancing. I was a good girl and started off  drinking slowly, but it was when i hit the bourbon and coke i was gooone! I dunno what time we left, but we got home around 3am 🙂

Shame Sunday morning we were both hung over, tired and couldnt function to well. It was also her son Ethans 3rd birthday. We went to a play centre for a few hours. Rest of the afternoon was wasted on napping and chilling!

Today after brunch i headed back to Mudgee. I went out to the cemetery before heading to mums. Im so so so tired but there will be no nap today as i gotta watch the kids while the oldies sleep and do what ever they do LOL

Its been nice til now, i just hope the rest of the week is fun. Heading home on Thursday at this stage.

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