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Arghhhhhh right now im so damn sick with a cold and it wont goooooo! Other day Jasmine was sick so she kindly passed her germies onto me. Thanks Sweetheart 🙂

The girls are going well at school, been a bit of a drama at drop off’s with crying and clinging on, but calm down after 5 or so minutes. Zachery is also getting a bit upset too.

On Wednesday (23rd) Zachery had his hearing test, which of course he passed just as i predicted.  So at least thats one issue crossed off the list in regards to his lack of speech problem. We are still on the waiting list for Toddler Matters and his full assessment.

In 2 weeks my cousin is coming to stay! Ive not seen him in YEARS…like 20+ years so im really looking forward to that.

I have to say a huge CONGRATULATIONS to Megan and her husband Kevin on the wonderful news thery are expecting their first child this year!!


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    Thanks kimmy 🙂 🙂 🙂

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