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At last…my heater is fixed and we have warm housing again without it tripping my power meter!!!

A new fan, circuit board and $1200 later mind you LOL…but its warm and that’s all that i care about  🙂


Ooh La La!

Well where to begin.  As ive blogged before, i dont post very personal topics on here due to the nature and who reads my blog, but then i thought fook it…this is my blog and if i want to post something, then so be it!

Therefore i will post, that……i am very happy to say i have found a very lovely new partner. We have been close friends for some time now and as a result has formed a relationship between us. The kids adore him and we all have a fun time together.

I understand some will judge, some will be happy, some will be shocked and some will never want know me again….but that’s their choice and i respect that. I have moved on and yes, i am happy ive found some one i can love!