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O M F G….My baby is off to Prep next year. My tiny Chelsea is growing up 🙁

I’m in denial she is going to be a preppy next year and no longer just a ‘kinder’ kid, but rather a real big school child!

So, theres like a million schools around here, but im a fuss pot and i have to approve of:

  • School uniform
  • School name
  • Amount of kids enroled
  • Amount of Indigenous kids
  • Amount of ‘ethnic’ (kids other then Aussie speaking language) enrolled
  • Location
  • Activities offered
  • Age of school
  • Facilities
  • Reputation

So ive managed to narrow my schools down to 2. Hillsmeade and Fleetwood. I just need to do school tours and suss both out more now. I then have to enrol her ASAP!!!

Round Up

Well whats new….

Ive moved house and settled in now. Its hard being away from the kids and not putting them to bed, but i see them often so its been great.

Chelsea’s swimming lessons have started back up, so each week we are enjoying our swim time.

Craig has moved into the old house and set it up his way.

Easter was ok, I had the kids on the Saturday and we went to Rocket Park, Macca’s and then a BBQ lunch/dinner.

Weight wise. Ive now lost 18.4kg!!!!!!!