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O M F G….My baby is off to Prep next year. My tiny Chelsea is growing up 🙁

I’m in denial she is going to be a preppy next year and no longer just a ‘kinder’ kid, but rather a real big school child!

So, theres like a million schools around here, but im a fuss pot and i have to approve of:

  • School uniform
  • School name
  • Amount of kids enroled
  • Amount of Indigenous kids
  • Amount of ‘ethnic’ (kids other then Aussie speaking language) enrolled
  • Location
  • Activities offered
  • Age of school
  • Facilities
  • Reputation

So ive managed to narrow my schools down to 2. Hillsmeade and Fleetwood. I just need to do school tours and suss both out more now. I then have to enrol her ASAP!!!