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Next month ill be starting 2 certificate 3 courses.

1. Aged Care

2. Home & community Care

Full time course, 1 day per week i go to class and the rest is at home. After that i do 150 hours in a aged care facility.

Happy Belated (only a few days late this time) to Craig!

Hope you had a great day out for lunch and enjoyed your night out as well 🙂


A very belated birthday wish to my nephew Brendan for 16th May…..yes im slack 🙁

We hope you had a great day mate!

Finally after 6 months i hit the ‘over 20kg’ mark…ive now lost 21.3kg and dropped 2 dress sizes. Im so proud of myself, the other day i purchased jeans from Kmart….ive not been able to shop in ‘normal’ people shops in AGES!!!!!


Mothers Day his year the girls decided we should go to Kids space in Hallam for the morning. Was an ok day but so expensive. What made my day was the gorgeous cards and gifts that were made for me:

Ohhhh Dear…

Sorry Blog for neglecting you…and my readers who have been left wondering!!!!!

I have alot of catching up to do….but something tells me im going to be skipping alot of stuff as i cannot remember whats been going on 🙁