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Well Thursday 30th June was going well until Craig, myself and the 3 kids were on the way to Chelsea’s swimming lesson. Zachery was being a bugger and wouldnt keep his arms in the belt. Usually we’d pull over, but this night we didnt 

The road we were on is speed limited to 80km/h. We were approaching a set of lights and ours was GREEN. A car that was turning right (opposite side of the rd) turned and i thought, wow, run the red why dont ya. Next thing we knew, another car turned and SLAM. Craig had tried breaking but it was to late. We hit her doing 70km/h.

Chelsea was screaming and crying. All i could think of was Zach and his arms out of the belt. What felt like a million people had stopped and raced over to us and got the kids out. All 3 were ok, Zachery had been laughing and smiling.

Craig was able to get out of the car, i wasnt. A passer by had stopped, lucky for me, she was a nurse. While all this was going on, black smoke was pouring into the car as the airbags had gone off. My door had to be forced open so the nurse could get in.

Craig handed me the phone to call Ben. He got from our place to the scene in just over 3 minutes (of a 15+ minute drive). I later found out he thought i was joking about the accident as i didnt want him going out that night, but once he heard my voice starting to change, he knew i was very serious.

The kids had gone with people that had stopped, Zach was charming the female cops 

Police, and firies were arriving all the time. Finally the Paramedics arrived. One officer assessed the kids, Chelsea had ‘damage’ to her neck and had to be collared but due to it not being a paediatric Ambulance, it was to big. Jasmine and Zachery got the all clear.

The other officer came to me. I was given a cannula and morphine. As well as a green stick (Pethadine). I was high as a kite. All i wanted to do was get out and smash the stupid bitch in the other car. Another Ambo was called for back up but was going to take over an hour to arrvie. Craig, Chelsea and me went in one Ambo to the hospital. Chelsea talked the whole way and told the officer off for not wearing his seatbelt. At one point i began getting chest pains so we had to stop so monitors could be placed on me.

Zach and Jas went with Ben and Kendyl.

We were taken to Dandy hospital. Chelsea was checked out and given the all clear as well.

My shirt had been burnt from the seatbelt and stuck to me so my clothes had to be cut off. Damn wearing my nice top that day!

I was sent for x-rays where a small internal bleed was found, but would heal itself. I was then given more morphine for the pain.

Ben came in with the kids and they were so scared to see me bleeding and in so much pain. Zach just wanted cuddles and kisses from me

Craig has a very purple and swollen finger and hand, bruising to his stomach and alot of shoulder/neck pain. Im sure i dont need to explain my injuries, FB pics have clearly demonstrated that. The girls both have a small amount of whiplash to their necks from the belts. Zachery has a small bruise on his face and a tiny bruise on his tummy from the belt clicker bit.

My neck is healing well, its still sore but least its not weeping anymore, but scabbed. I have to put hydrating cream on it every few hours, and sadly ive been told it will scar for life. My bruising in some parts is still purple, while in others, turning yellow or hardly noticeable.

I went for a drive with Ben in the car 3 days after the accident, i had tears and so scared at lights. I drove at least 20km/h slower then the limit. Since then ive been driving alone and now extra cautious of what’s around me.

We have also launched a TAC (Traffic Accident Commission) claim to have expenses paid.

All in all we were very lucky to have walked away alive and not seriously injured.

I started physio yesterday and will be seen twice a week until further notice.

The car was written off

Happy 39th Birthday to my sister Renee for the 6th July and Happy 15th Birthday to my Niece Rhiannon for the 9th July. Hope you both had an awesome day!!