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Oh man, my day turned to shit, just after 930am today.

You see, i was driving to the kids place, munching on some breaky, that being bread and marg when CRUNCH. What in the world was that i thought to myself. On closer examination it looked like a bit of tooth. I immediately began feeling my teeth with my tongue but every tooth seemed ok. Well until i ran my tongue along my bottom teeth and discover one of my molars was missing a chunk 🙁

God dammit my tooth now has a chunk missing. I called the public dental clinics to see if they could help. They could IF i was in pain, sensitive to hot/cold or had ulcers forming. Instead, im now on a waiting list til they can see me.

My Babies!

Not posted a pic of my terrors lately so i best do it….ive borrowed this from Craigs Facebook!

Happy Birthday to my Daddy for today!


To my Mum for the 26th August!

Hope you had a great day 🙂


Oh dear…naughty Kim and neglecting the blog AGAIN!!

Lemme think whats gone on since last posting. I wrote about the accident. I started physio but had to stop as i couldn’t afford to pay $100 a week. My shoulder and neck kill everyday but i just suffer in silence.

Mum came down at the start of July for a week to help around home and visit. Was nice to see her and she was able to meet Ben and also spend sometime with the kids.

I also started my Aged Care and HACC course….of which Ive now quit as i hated it so much and struggled with the work load.

August seen Craig head OS to America for 2 weeks.

Whilst he was OS, Kathy came down to watch the kids. I ended up with a chest infection, she was very sick as well. Kathy flew home on Saturday 20th and ended up in hospital with pneumonia.

Craig also became sick and in the end, ended up in MMC with confirmed swine flu :O

The kids stayed with us for a bit over a week. In that time i became sick and was tested for swine, but fortunately came back negative. I had glandular fever and severe tonsilitis.

Fathers Day just past as well, the girls made Craig something at school in pottery class.

I have now also enrolled Miss C into prep…OMG shes off to school next year!!!

Chelsea also had an Anaphylaxis episode a few weeks back when she was staying over the weekend. We ended up at MMC Emergency for 5 hours. The doctors were still unsure what caused it.

Ive been going through a tough time of late. Problems with Ben, my health, my mental state and also with other personal issues with Craig and the kids. Im just so over everything. I’m off to my Dr tomorrow, no doubt ill have a big cry 🙁

Oh and i also got new glasses!