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Dear my sweet angel, Melanae Lily,

Today mummy is celebrating what would have been your first birthday. Not a day goes by that i don’t think about what we are missing out on together. Your smiles, your giggles and if you’re like Chelsea, your constant chatting.

Its a hard day, no one will remember it, but ive dreaded this day for weeks. Ill never forget your birthdays or the date we said goodbye.

So Melanae, party hard in the clouds above

Love Mummy xx



My good friend Megan and her husband welcomed a beautiful baby girl into their family yesterday. Their Princess Lucy is devine and so cute!


Its been 6-7 long months that Ive had to bite my tongue over a certain person and matter, but i cant do it any longer. More so, since this person has tried to cause trouble yet again

Let me go waaaay back to the beginning. I met this person, this ‘nice’ girl when i was pregnant with Zachery, so 2008 we first came into contact. We spoke via a forum but also MSN and SMS. It was when her son was around 4 months old, we met in person and hit it off. It was lovely to have a friend who also had a son the same age as my own baby. Her son was born 9 days before Zachery.

Over the next 2 years we kept in contact, often catching up, or having her and her son come stay over so she could escape her parents whom she lived with. We always had a good time, girly nights once the kids were asleep, shopping and good laughs.

It was January/February this year that changed everything.  Ben and this person were also friends. She admitted to me one night whilst staying over she had a thing for him. Just what i needed, someone else after the man i had feelings for and loved.  This was the start of things to come.

Im basing this post on Ben’s side of the story.

She told Ben she wanted another baby. Jokingly Ben told her to go off the pill, and get knocked up then. Of course there were a few ‘encounters’ between the two of them.

Come March/April, i dunno when, im still pissed off big time, she SMS’s me saying there’s something she needs to tell me. It was, that she was pregnant. When asked who was the father of the baby, she claimed a guy named Rob. Little did i know, she had also messaged Ben claiming HE was the father. One problem there, Ben is medically infertile and no possible way to father a child, let alone her baby. Back and forths the messages went, i was getting “No Ben isn’t the dad” yet Ben was getting “It has to be you”.

This went on for ages, it caused the biggest strain on Ben and I, as by then, we were together as a couple rather then just good friends. We would fight, i would question myself if he really could be the dad despite 2 IVF sperm tests all confirming negative results of any viable sperm.

I decided to shut this person out of my life and drop the friendship. Ben continued talking to her.

Rob was told of the baby who very quickly said he cant be the father as he is sterile. So we now have 2 guys, both infertile??? Must have been a magical conception then.

Little does the person know, she tells Ben alot and of course he tells me. Its been revealed that the week she moved in to her shack (refuse to call it a home cos its not, its a garage with a few walls knocked up and 1 window in the whole place, no laundry or even a stove/oven) she slept with 5 guys in 7 days. God knows if she used condoms.

I do laugh though, she claims she used condoms but it failed and that’s how she got pregnant. Not the truth of she stopped the pill and this pregnancy was conceived on deception!!! The story now is she stopped the pill for a week as she was changing meds.

Anyway, back to the story. So in July she comes over to our house, turns out her child (which is later confirmed to be a boy) has heart and spine problems. She is advised a termination should be considered. A few weeks later the heart problems disappear (im guessing a sympathy plea was what she was after) but the spine problems are there and he will need to be in a brace later in life.

All the while she is still trying to push the idea Ben is the dad. I had a phone call with her and abused shit out of her and she kept saying sorry and that she never meant to cause problems between Ben and I and that she now knows Ben isnt the father.

Move forward to Friday of last week. Her best friend, Kylie, starts accusing Ben of pretty much knocking her up and leaving her unsupported etc. It turns out that this person has been telling Kylie (and god knows how many other people) that Ben IS the father still. Ben was furious and i wont repeat how i was feeling.

I just couldn’t help myself. I had to post something on Facebook. I left names out. She knew exactly who i was talking about. The very next day i posted something else. She promptly removed me from her friends list and told Ben to ‘Keep his gf on a leash’.

In conclusion. Ive now removed her from my life, never to speak with her again. All i can hope for is that her baby gets the care he needs. She has been selfish from day one and let her wants come before the health of her baby and also of her son she already has.


So who is this person….i will reveal her first initial as K

Im dreading the 8th October. It would have been Melanae’s 1st birthday. I know no one will remember the day, and that’s ok, but she will forever live on in my memory. I look at her name in the sand photos every morning when i wake and before i go to sleep