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Huge Congratulations to my friend Deb, her husband Rob and their children Charlotte and Harley (Zachs Birthday partner) on the arrival of Ava Jewel on Sunday 27th November!


Happy Birthday Ben, we hope you had a great day!


Dear Chelsea Rose,

Today you turn 5. Mummy cannot believe how big you are and how proud you make me. Happy Birthday Sweetheart, i hope you have a magical day!

Lets take a look back over the past 5 years, starting when you were just 1 day old….then every birthday after that til you turned 4:

Mummy will add your 5 year old picture once i have taken one!

On Monday 31st October Ben and i took the kids to Scienceworks. We had an awesome day even though Zachery chucked sooooo many tantrums and wouldn’t listen. Didn’t take many pictures and the ones i did take didn’t turn out to well..bummer

Happy belated 4th Birthday miss Jasmine Emily. We hope you had a fantastic day. Mummy sure knows you got very spoilt!

Congratulations to my friend Erin and her husband on the safe arrival of Flynn on Tuesday 18th October!


Get Away!!

On Thursday 13th October, Ben and i headed off on a lovely get away to NSW. First stop was Mark and Fi’s place in Narellan. Is was lovely to meet Ben’s brother and wife, and of course their gorgeous little girl, Milla. On the Friday we headed out on a tour of the area and out to Windsor to see numerous homes Ben has lived in.

Saturday we departed and headed to Forster, where his mum lives. Before arriving we stopped into Castle Towers where Ben bought me my birthday present, a brand new iPhone 4s….the newest and latest one out!!!!

Sunday we toured the town of Forster and spent time looking at the break wall. We spotted a whale so we went to various spots to keep watching it. That night we went to a friends home for dinner as it was Bens mums birthday.

Monday i was lucky enough to be able to catch up with Tiff, a lovely lady i had only spoken to online when i was pregnant with Jasmine. Was great to finally meet her.

Tuesday we went driving and looked at tourists spots. Was a great day and alot of ‘nature walks’.

Wednesday we headed off to Mudgee to stay with my folks. When we arrived, Rhiannion and Brendan were both there, SICK!

Thursday we went driving around the town, off some road that lead to a real country bumpkin town.

Friday…ARGHHHH i woke up sick with the gastro bug, as did Dad and Renee. Ben decided not to tempt fate and took off to Dubbo to see my friend Kayla. Mum went to visit Nan, and later came home sick as well!

Saturday i was feeling a bit better, Benm and i went down town to do some shopping and had lunch with Mum, Dad, Renee, Rhiannon and her boyfriend Nathan.

Sunday we left Mums. We stopped in Dubbo for a quick visit to Kayla and i was also able to stop in to see Nan and spend an hour or so with her. As the day wore on we were getting pretty tired so stopped in Wagga Wagga. We stayed in the glorious place called The Manor. It had a huge spa and a king bed…was very nice!!

Monday we arrived home, and slept all afternoon!!