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Another thing i forgot to post!!

Remember back to September last year and i broke a tooth on bread?? Well few weeks back now, I was eating lunch, more precisely, a BREAD ROLL, I bit down hard on the tooth and i went through the roof in pain!!

I was in pain badly. I had to call the local dentist, wasn’t going to bother with the dental clinic as i needed help asap. I got an appointment for the following week. I can now thankfully say im tooth and pain free. And Ben’s credit card is $200 poorer lol


Preppy Pic

I totally forgot to post this pic last week. It was the first Preppy pic taken on day 1 of school

Last week Chelsea participated in her first school cross country. I’m so proud of her, she came 7th!

Farewell CJ

Ill admit, last week when i done a mass post-a-thon, i did forget to blog the passing of my tiger cat, CJ 🙁

The day was Friday 3rd February. It was around 430pm and i was driving home from Craig’s place with the kids (as they were with me for the night) and my phone rang. It was Mum. I said can i call her back as i was driving, she said she would prefer to talk to me right then. So i pulled over. Her voice sounded shaky, i knew some one had passed away, but who?

As soon as i heard CJ, i knew my baby had gone. Mum broke the news he had been sick, not eating and not drinking for a few days and they decided to take him to the vet to see if there were problems. There was, he was old and his body was shutting down. The vet said they could give him drugs to keep him going, but they wouldn’t last long and he’d be back for more.

That wasnt a life he needed, he was already 18 years old, a good innings for a cat. With recommendations from the vet, they knew what the right thing to do was. That was, to let him rest in peace, free of pain. He slipped away with mum holding his big soft fluffy paw 🙁

Mum and Dad took him home and is now buried in the garden with Dads’ Hydrangeas, CJ’s favourite sleeping spot.

He will be forever missed, but i now know, he is in a better place, up in the clouds with Bundy

2 Cute girls

OK so these are from last year, but still wanted to show my beautiful girls off to the world 😀

I think i do..and i think they are my own!!

On Wednesday 22nd February, standing by the eternal flame in the city, Ben asked me to marry him 🙂

Off to PREP!!

Friday 3rd February Chelsea hit the town…and started her first day of primary school. My baby girl was now a preppy and a cute one at that.

Mr 3yo!

Well how time flies. On 15th January Master Z turned 3!!

Craig, Kendyl and the kids joined Ben and I for lunch at home. Zachery was very spoilt and loved all his gifts 🙂

Well Christmas 2011 started off with a stop in Campbelltown over night. The kids thought it was great fun staying in a motel. We then headed for Mudgee. We took a day trip over to Dubbo to visit Kayla and her family too. We spent 4 nights with mum and dad before dropping the kids off at Heatherbrae to Craigs parents.

Ben and I then continued on to Forster where we spent a lovely week of sun, beach and swimming. Was such a shame to have to come back to reality!!

As promised, i have finally gotten around to adding a photo of Chelsea, aged 5 and her cake!