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2 Cute girls

OK so these are from last year, but still wanted to show my beautiful girls off to the world 😀

I think i do..and i think they are my own!!

On Wednesday 22nd February, standing by the eternal flame in the city, Ben asked me to marry him 🙂

Off to PREP!!

Friday 3rd February Chelsea hit the town…and started her first day of primary school. My baby girl was now a preppy and a cute one at that.

Mr 3yo!

Well how time flies. On 15th January Master Z turned 3!!

Craig, Kendyl and the kids joined Ben and I for lunch at home. Zachery was very spoilt and loved all his gifts 🙂

Well Christmas 2011 started off with a stop in Campbelltown over night. The kids thought it was great fun staying in a motel. We then headed for Mudgee. We took a day trip over to Dubbo to visit Kayla and her family too. We spent 4 nights with mum and dad before dropping the kids off at Heatherbrae to Craigs parents.

Ben and I then continued on to Forster where we spent a lovely week of sun, beach and swimming. Was such a shame to have to come back to reality!!

As promised, i have finally gotten around to adding a photo of Chelsea, aged 5 and her cake!