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Mr Scribbles is 4 months old already. He is HUGE now, and sadly the kids dont like him as much cos he always wants to play and jump on them

On Friday 15th June i recieved an early morning SMS for my gorgeous friend, Lauren, as she was in labour with bubby #3. Ben and i raced over to her house, Ambulance ready to go. Ben stayed with her 2 boys and i went to hospital with her. A few hours later, after an amazing labour, Master Arden Campbell arrived screaming his lungs out!

I will never forget this day and am very grateful to have been by my friends side 🙂

Wow, its nearly been 18 months and we have never had a pic taken of us together, so whilst we were away (In June) we managed to snap one and a few of each other!

Early May seen a new member enter our household. He was an 8 week old pure bred Border Collie named Scribbles 🙂

Mothers Day

I was a very lucky Mummy this year and the kids made me some lovely gifts at school and day care. Ben also bought me some lively pressies too!

Easter 2012

Lucky for us, the kids spent Easter at our place. We had a great time, camping in the back yard, yummy Easter eggs and a fun filled car washing day!