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BumbleBee’s Pregnancy Journey

5 Weeks 1 day

Well on Thursday 1st of May 2008 i got a semi faint BFP preg test on a crappy test at 4 weeks. It was a company test i brought off eBay and i also go their OPK’s…which NEVER gave me a +ve in the whole 14 days i tested. So 3 days later, on Sunday 4th May i bought a proper one and the two dark lines came up FAST!! Yay a nice strong BFP

So Craig and i went with our gut instinct and picked that O day was 17th April and went from there.

I had only come off the pill 3 weeks prior after taking it for 3 months to regulate cycles after having Jasmine.

We both didnt think this would be the month! To our surprise it was and couldnt be more happy!

So far ive been feeling great. A little nausea but no vomiting….im hope it stays like that!

I was sick from 6-22 weeks with Chelsea and 9-17 weeks with Jasmine.

No family knows as yet, we are telling them 21st June when they are all down for Jasmines baptism.

Ive not been to the doctor yet…will go when im 7/8 weeks along. Mainly just for the hossy referral.

Bubby due Thursday 8th January 2009

We are hoping for a Boy but dont mind if we get another Princess either

So thats the story until now!!

Chelsea and Jasmine are going to be big sisters!!

6 weeks

Well im now 6 weeks pregnant and still doesnt feel real. No morning sickness, sore boobies, nothing. Im tired, but i always am.
I cant sleep on my tummy already… Thats really is a sucky thing for me…cos when i can sleep…its always gotta be on my tum..ah well….only 34 weeks to go

Craig said last night he is going to buy me a body pillow. God i love him

Im all booked into Monash (MMC) now. I have my first appointment (booking in) on Thursday June 26th at 11am. Before then i must get routine bloods done. Not having a dating scan this pretty sure on dates so no need.

Im hoping to get all hospital care this time, rather then Shared care. I wasnt to impressed with that last time what so ever.

I have been speaking with a doula and have organised that, just need to email her back to arrange a meeting next week.

Thats about all really. Not alot to report on.

Oh theres one thing…my best friend Mel has gone OS for 3 months….Europe and USA. Her and the BF left on Tuesday morning…bound for Singapore on the new Airbus 380 then onto Paris after a short stop over!

7 weeks 1 day

Well not much has happened.

MIL is physic. The other day she was talking to Craig and she said:

‘Was i dreaming or did Kim say she was having another baby’.

WTF???? We have not told family yet. So when she asked me i was blown away. We reckon the house is bugged…OR she has spies on forums….aw well i guess the secret is out now

But still…we have now decided not to tell family and friends until 30 weeks. We want to give them a nice surprise…unless its leaked by then

No real m/s yet….feel a bit off but no vomiting yet! Tiredness is setting in though and i cant function day or night.

Meeting 2 doulas on the weekend…so looking forward to that

Well thats about all…..bit boring this journal huh…SORRY!

8 weeks 2 days

Well since last week damn m/s has hit! Nausea all day and all night…but so far so good, no vomiting!

Sleep is getting worse and i may as well not bother going to bed at all. The most amount of sleep i get is from 2pm-4pm each afternoon when Chelsea and Jasmine go down for the afternoon nap.

I brought a body pillow on Thursday from K Mart, on special for $26…save $18! So big though so not sure it will go to well in our bed.

Everyone in this house is sick with a damn cold. Its the last thing i need on top of m/s now…..damn winter!

We have booked our Doula….im so excited

We interviewed 2 lovely ladies but from the word go i knew which one i wanted. Both were great and said all the right things i wanted to hear. Unfortunaltey the 2nd lady just wasnt right. I felt from her vibe that she didnt like the idea of me also having a student middy at the birth as well as herself, and made it fairly clear. So when i told her that i had choosen another doula she pretty much said good cos i dont think id have been the right one for you.

So yes….was a bit shocked by that, but goes to show my gut instinct was right from day 1!!

26 days til my first hossy appointment

9 weeks 1 day

Well since last week morning sickness has been a bugger. So far so good though, i have not vomited!! I sure hope i dont

Not alot has really happened. Im still so tired and not sleeping the best. If i dont get my day naps im stuffed by night time.

Bed has been late nights, the business has taken off and ive been staying up doing orders and business work. Not complaining, but its very straining!

Paid our Doula her first payment the other day, and confirmation today that money has been received. Its all becoming very real now.

Have been thinking about names already. Craig isnt keen on my choices. Just as well we have more time!

What do you think:

Montanna Lilly
Zachery William
Harrison William

Well thats about all….20 days until my hospital appointment

10 weeks 2 days

Argh i feel rotten. For the last week ive had to worst cold. Craig has also been sick and been home all week. Last night i coughed all night long. Woke up and i feel like  my head has been slammed against bricks all night. On top of that morning sickness…still no vomiting though!

I wanted a restful weekend, but it wasnt to be. Due to having Jasmines Baptism next weekend we have to clean the house from top to bottom. We have a skip its that bad!!! I have been taking it easy and now have bad stomach cramps and not feeling right. Im quite scared to be honest.

Feeling pretty blergh….i just wont it over with! Having family here next weekend will be a test as they still dont know about bub…and wont be finding out then either!!

Tomorrow we have to be at church by 9am….argh we didnt wanna go but the priest asked us to so the congregation can pray for Jasmine and wish her a safe week leading up to the Baptism. We are the least religious people so its a tough thing!

12 days til first hossy appointment!!!!

11 weeks 5 days

Well we had Jasmines Baptism on Sunday. My IL’s arrived Saturday morning and was so nice to see them. My olds arrived Friday and was great to catch up. Have not seen them since Easter.

Anyhow Saturday night MIL was asking about the girls coming to stay with them for a week in December. She thought it would be nice to fly down, get the girls, fly back (to NSW), let them stat for the week then pay to fly Craig and me up to collect them and fly home. Yes great plan except i wont be able to fly!!

Craig kept saying ‘Trust me Mum, just dont book flights yet’. By Sunday afternoon she was still asking bout flights so Craig told her about BumbleBee…and then proceeded to tell us all about her dream again….so yep she was right…and she knew us to well!

So of all our family only 1 person knows! Feels nice her knowing as im close to her and i can tell her anything and she is the best!

All weekend i done a good job of hiding my belly that is fat anyhow but i look huge now compared to 12-14 weeks ago! Still no vomiting and m/s seems to be easing already!!

I really have a feeling its my Prince this time…but i dont want to keep thinking that incase i have another Princess.

I have my booking in appointment at the hospital this Thursday at 11am so thats a bit exciting!!

Poor Jasmine is very ill at the moment with a bad cough and is not sleeping to well because of it. I will have to organise some pics on Facebook from her Baptism really soon!

12 weeks 1 day

Well yesterday i had my 12 week booking in appointment at the hospital. Seen the same lovely midwife i had when i booked in with Chelsea. She was really helpful and explained they had now changed the care options.

I was so grateful for that. I was dreading having to go through shared care again as the last two times have been anything but pleasant experiences. I wanted midwife care.

Lucky for me (well maybe not lucky but luck on my side) due to increased BMI the best care for me was what they called Standard care, which means hospital care dealing with Registrars (aka senior doctors in training to become OB’s). That way if something happens eg, cant find bub or feel bub when touching belly (dunno the right word) they can call in an OB to help, or if HB cant be found then least they have all the u/s equipment and so forth on hand in the same building.

Most of all they are trained for pregnancy unlike normal GP’s!!

So yes…went really well!

I hadnt had routine bloods done yet either, so had them done at the hospital while i was there.

Next appointment is 15w1d…so 3 weeks today!!!

13 weeks 4 days

Well ive been a bit slack with my blog, but thats because nothing has been happening! Still feel the odd days of morning sickness but its bearable!

My bubbles in the tummy have now turned to butterfly feelings. Its bizarre and feels nice.

Craig keeps talking to my tummy saying ‘You better be meat and 2 vege in there’. No matter what..i say its another Princess!

MIL is coming down next month from the 4th to 8th. Im so excited. I love her sooooooo much!!

Next hospital appointment: Friday 18th July @ 10am
Only 11 days to go

15 weeks 2 days

Yesterday i had my 2nd hospital appointment at MMC. My doula also came along which i truely appreciated as Craig had to stay home with Chelsea and Jasmine. I was booked in for 10 am….and come 10.45am we were still waiting to be seen. I have no idea why they book so many in one one day when they dont have enough doctors or midwives to cover the demand.

Anyhow….around 11.15am i was finally called. I had a useless doctor…just my luck. She asked ALL the same stupid questions as last time, took 3 attempts to get my BP, then felt tummy and done a measure…then listened to my lungs?? I mean wtf….why?????? Even my Doula said half the stuff she done was not needed and has no idea why she done them.

BP was spot on (As Doula later told me) so thats good.

All bloods and urine came back perfect.

The dr never wrote a thing on my maternal card so i have no details of the day or anything.

I go back in 6 weeks so thats Friday 29th August at 9.15am!

Also got my ultrasound referral and as soon as i got home i booked that in as well.

Tuesday 19th August 9am…..31 days to gooooooo!!

Thats about all thats happening for the moment!

17 weeks 6 days

Wow nearly 18 weeks!! Time has been going quite slow lately and i want it to speed up.

I have my first and only (that is if BumbleBee co-operates, otherwise ill ask for another) scan in 13 days

Im so excited…but so damn nervous and scare at the same time due to 2 things.

1. Maybe it will be another girl….i love my 2 girls now, but im not looking forward to 3 DD’s.

2. A friend who was 9 days a head of me yesterday found out her baby passed 4-5 weeks ago. Now im worried (as i have been from day 1) that my baby wont be ok. Im trying to think positive…my body has never done this to me before, so it should this time either…but the risk is there.

I feel fat and yuck….boobs are killing and wont stop hurting. Headaches are getting to a peak again and i go to bed..and wake up with one…Panadol is useless…does nothing.

My MIL arrives on Friday from NSW. She is staying until Tuesday.

19 weeks 4 days

Well 9am tomorrow is my much awaited scan to see bub for the first time AND find out the gender!!!!

OMG im sooo scared, nervous and excited…

Send me all your BLUE dust people!!!

19 Weeks 6 Days

OK ladies….before i tell my story, a few words:

THANK YOU ALL SOOOOOOOOOOOO MUCH..and im so sorry to have scared you all!

My scan yesterday was horrid….they sonographer was a bitch and rude. Wasnt showing the heart beat…i said yes…so 3 seconds and was gone..146 BPM…..then she said wow baby is long….then in next breathe told me baby is very small???

Then they done a few things….measured head…then tell me that they cant see the brain….but could see a fluid cavity…..right ok!

Then they cant see the lips or nose….more worry.

As for gender ‘nope cant see’…so i said can u try harder….’nope cant see’…..come back in 2 weeks.

I walk out in tears and book in for scan 2nd Sept..2 whole long waiting weeks.

Get goes off….

Around 2pm i see all the BB posts flooding in..and i read every single one with tears streaming down my face.

Anyhow Craig rang around u/s luck getting in without a referral. Except one place….Early Image in Vic… we emailed them.

Today while i was at the dr..getting a new referral….the people call…i walk in…ask Craig had they called..(was waiting on an appt time and day)….and he said no…check email if they have replied…on my desk was a letter from the girls….’Our Mummy’ and a note Craig had written from then explaing they made me a scan for tonight at 645!!!

OMG i was estatic…..

Get there and they do the scan…check millions of times…then the big news i was waiting for..and can now happily share with all:

Chelsea and Jasmine have been blessed and are getting a baby:


21 Weeks 1 day

Today i had my hospital appointment. The OB i got was lovely. Great bed side manner, answered all my questions i had and arranged for printed discharge papers of Chelsea’s birth.

I have been getting really bad ‘Gina bone’ pains so i asked about it and OB said was all normal and that its from having kids. The more you have, the more damage thats caused and scars the area more. But least i know its nothing to worry about!!

Measuring 22 weeks, BP normal, and BumbleBee was being naughty  and kept hiding from the Doppler, but in the end got to hear her HB

Relle came with me as per usual, i love having her there as Craig needs to stay home with the girls. After the appointment we met up with Kellie who is Relles mentor for the Student Midwife follow through program and i signed some documents to agree im happy to be Relles preggo mumma!

Next appointment: Friday 26th September at 9am

22 Weeks

Well on Tuesday we had our 3rd scan back at Dandy Hospital. Thankfully we had a really nice sonographer and she was very thorough (unlike the last lady we had).

She checked BumbleBee’s measurements and all was good. Had a look for gender and she said ‘Think its a boy’..i was like OMG this is not what we have been told (in my head of course…we told her we wanted to know…never mentioned the scan we went outside of the hossy for). Then she came back and bub had hands between legs….. But 3rd and final time…BumbleBee wasnt shy…legs wide open…for the world to see…and low and behold there was something sticking out!

Those words of ‘Now im more then certain its definately a BOY‘. ….O M F G…..we were and are getting our precious DS after all

DH is a bit thrown, he was used to the idea of 3 girls.

Today we went shopping and i seen my normal hubby…the one that went crazy buying boys clothes….it was great!!!!

So there you have it….the shock of a life time…now to re think names…BOY names

23 weeks 2 days

WOW….i cannot believe im 23 weeks already

Whilst time has gone slow..i never remember what week im up to until i look at my ticker LOL.

Not alot has been going on. BumbleBee has been kicking up a storm, 1am is his party time

My Doula was ment to come over on Thursday but the poor thing is sick as a dog, so we will reschedule it when all better.

The bump is huge…omg….it sticks out so damn far i CAN wait til 40 weeks…man ill be an elephant.

Nothing else to report on. Next event is hospital check up on the 26th September

25 Weeks 1 Day

Well today i had my 25 week hospital appointment. All went well. BP was spot on, bub is measuring 25 weeks, and heart beat nice and strong. The Dr i had was a bit so and so…i didnt like her much.

She asked if i had any problems/concerns, bleeding, discharge etc. So i mentioned my ‘wet’ feeling only to be told ‘Thats nothing to worry about’. Now i know why i dont ever bring up concerns. They are always dismissed.

I asked about BF classes ‘Nope we dont have the kind of thing here’ call a LC.

Great help huh?

Then she was adamant i think now about contraception for after bub…and was rude about it all. Made out none of my kids were planned and all accidents cos of not being protected…WRONG.

She looked at my last scan results and wouldnt comment on the gender situation and told me ‘Wait til baby is born’. Gee im glad i have a scan in 8 weeks time!!!

Gave me a slip for the GCT in 4 weeks, but i wont be in VIC so i made it for the week after, i will be 30 weeks.

Im really having a bad run with feral doctors this time round..none ive left thinking ‘Gee i hope they are at the birth’.

Next appointment: Friday 31st October at 9.30am

26 Weeks 1 Day

Well not alot has been going on with BumbleBee. He is kicking alot…oh boy do i know it when he is awake…which seems to be ALOT of the day

1am is still the best play time…will sleep from about 11pm (although awake atm) til 1am..then kicks and turns like crazy for 20 mins..then of to sleep again!

I guess cos ive been under alot of stress lately with Beyond Belly closing down he has been upset as well. Not to mention all ive seemed to do is cry all day and night

So cos im so stressed and need to get away from it all im off to MIL’s tomorrow night. Craig is flying up with me and the girls, then flying home Sunday night.

Unfortunately on Wednesday i have to attend my Pops funeral. He passed away on Tuesday. Last week he had a stroke and then on Tuesday he began bleeding into his stomach. RIP Pop…he was aged 86

Anyhow….i best sign off….need to keep packing!

Countdown to 4D scan:
7 weeks 2 days!!!

27 weeks 4 days

Well not much to report. BumbleBee is going well and kicking LOTS..and they hurt ooooh so much. I keep getting severe pains in my ginny region and im always worried something will happen.

The pregnancy has been different to the girls pain and problem wise. Still feel like im leaking but definately only discharge.

I have my next hossy appointment on the 31st and doing the GTT on the same day..not looking forward to it

Im currently in NSW staying with my MIL. Ive been here since the 4th October but going home on Weds night!!!

4D scan countdown: 5 weeks 6 days!!!!

30 weeks 1 day

OMG…….the countdown is on…..less then 10 weeks to go and i cannot wait!!

I had my 30 week check up today. BP was good 120/70, BumbleBee is head down (but can still move til 36 weeks) and had his back to my left side. Measuring 32 weeks.

The OB however was concerned about my ankle swelling and said i have oedema and is now going to watch me closely.

I also had my GD test today…and…..NEVER PASSED OUT….usually i do

Also on the hunt for a new middle name…hate the one ive picked now!

What else is new….Jasmine turned 1 last Sunday…my baby is now a toddler!!!!!

Days til 4d Scan: 23

30 weeks 6 days

Today i eagerly awaited an email from Early Image in regards to moving my scan date from Sunday 23rd Nov until sometime earlier.

Around 10am that email arrived!!

New scan date is now Sunday 16th November

Now my MIL can come with us as she will be down from NSW visiting!!!

Ive also set up an Expectnet guessing thingo…..if you enter game name Bumblebee3 you can guess….or if you on Facebook…go to my profile and its a posted note with the link!!!

Yesterday was my birthday…OMG im now 26!!

Days to scan: 11

32 weeks 1 day

Well today i had my 32 week check up. The wait was about 50 minutes so that sucked…but not as much as the news i was to get once i walked into the OB’s office.

‘Kim we need to send you for more bloods and another GD test, your levels are extremely high and i think you have GD’. GREAT

3rd baby and things go to hell…i never had it with the girls…..why this time.

I have to ring up today and book a time for the test and then go back to the hossy again next Friday as im now a higher risk to them.

BumbleBee has not grown at all in 2 weeks…so im hoping thats ok?

BP was fine, oedema seems ok now….not swollen today…well not yet!

I guess all i have to long forward to at the moment is my 4D scan this Sunday!!! I also have the girls combined birthday party tomorrow!

Days to 4D scan: 2

32 weeks 5 days

Bit behind in updating!

On Sunday 16th we had our 4D scan at Early Image. It was so exciting!!!

This is how the scan went once we got into the room:

D (them): So do we know what bub is?
K (me): Yep when we were here last it was confirmed a girl
D: Well lets pick some girl music for your DVD
(Craig and i pick girl and boy..JIC)
K: Ok cool we have our girl songs and a few boys JIC
D: Ill start the girl music cos im pretty sure we were confident it was a girl
K: Ok then (hides smirk)

*Sonographer* ‘Hold on D with the music…..’

K: Do we have a problem?
D: Ummmm no not a problem…but i am going to make you both very happy
K: Oh? *silently giggling cos i seen their faces drop knowing that they had stuffed up*
D: You are actually having a son…congrats

Craig and i act all surprised…

It was funny as…..and their faces said it all!

BumbleBee loves my placenta and used it as a pillow….so we were sent for a walk..then he fell asleep so had to poke to wake him up….and then he decided he was shy and kept putting his hands over his face…or feet!

But we have seen our boy and he looks very much like i just want to meet him!!!!

I have my Doula coming over tomorrow for a catch up and then Thursday another GTT and Friday 33 week checkup! Busy week indeed

33 weeks 1 day

Had my hospital check up today and to find out my GD fate. I done the GTT yesterday so they rushed the results through….and im GD FREEEEEEE!!


Bub measuring 33 weeks, BP was fine, HB nice and strong.

I also asked about delayed cord clamping and the OB was surprised i was considering it!

Other then that…..nothing new, dont go back for 3 weeks now….so far away from weekly visits like they said last week!

35 weeks 6 days

Ive just realised if not blogged in AGES….so i thought id get my butt in here and write whats been going on.

Last Thursday my IL’s arrived for a 4 day break (from NSW). DH went into the markets with some mates the same day and i stayed home with Jasmine and IL’s. Around 1pm i started feeling pretty sick and the worst cramps….exactly how my 2 labours started off last time.

I tried to play it cool and not let MIL know…but as soon as DH got home i bolted to bed to see if i could get better. I kept checking for plug and blood, but nothing.

By 7pm friends had come over for a BBQ and i dragged myself out of bed, feeling some what better, but still cramping and period like pains.

It continued through the night..but i knew they were not the *right* kinda pains and dismissed all thoughts.

Friday was much the same…and as i type…still pains.

I have a check up on Friday so will let the hospital know. Im sure its nothing…but im on edge with the EDD drawing closer.

Im starting to ***** myself now…im getting scared of it all. I wasnt like this with the girls….but this time i feel different…like out of my control!

36 weeks 1 day

Today i had my hospital check up. All went well. Bub is still head down..BUT no longer engaged. He has been engaged for a good 6 weeks and now decided its not his style

All my aches and severe pains were ‘normal’. Do you know how sick to death i am of hearing everything is normal… one else seems worried but me….makes me wonder why i bother bringing up issues when im asked how things are going.

So anyhow…cos im so normal and never have anything wrong…no one wants to see me for another 3 weeks…bringing my next appointment 6 days before my EDD

Enough whingeing….all is fine…

37 weeks 3 days

Not much is new. Been having alot of pre labour. ALOT!
Its actually very painful and ive not experienced this before with the girls so its all new to me.

Fluffy mail has been rolling in for BumbleBee.

So far (and all im ordering) has been:
4 x BumGenius One Size
4 x Cushie Tushie
Covers off Maz
A heap of nappies/covers off FJ
More Cushie Tushie off a friend

Bubs room is set up completely now, just need to put up a blind which i thnk is getting down later this evening.

At the moment MIL is down…but sadly she departs tomorrow as she needs to be at work on Tuesday

Im looking forward to Christmas…but for the opposite reasons as everyone else. Im NOT a fan of it and just want it over and done with.

Chelsea has been pushing me so far im ready to explode. On Friday night Craig went to mates for dinner..and the minute he got home i took the keys and drove around for 2 hours, i would have kept going but i was getting some strong pains and needed to pee as well.

Til next time..ciao…and for bub to arrive SOOOON!!!

39 weeks 6 days

Well…here i sit….fat as a blimp….a BumbleBee that has given me many false starts….and a heart that keeps beating inside.

Tomorrow marks 40 weeks of carrying our last baby. Yes thats right our LAST baby. Craig and i have decided its for the best that we wont be having anymore. I wish we had this planned much earlier that way i could have enjoyed my last time as a mum to be. But im cool with that. Ive had a great pregnancy, problem free, minimal morning sickness and a placid tike within.

Anyhow back on track. In my belly group…most have popped. Theres 4 mummies in waiting. 1 is now over due by 2 days…the others due on Friday and another next Tuesday. The rest have popped. 7 within 24 hours.

I cant help but feel a slight jealous spark…but at the same time ever so proud they have their babies snuggled within their arms and enjoying motherhood, some for the very first time.

Right now alot is going through my head. I have the perfect DH and Doula to support me through our last ever labour. Im scared. Im worried and im petrified.

I cry all day and night thinking of labour and the pain. I know i can do it, ive done it 2 times before and came out fine. So why this time, WHY WHY WHY….why am i being a sook.

I just want it over with, i want to be holding my son and know i wont ever have to go through all this ever again…never ever again.

I have a hospital appointment on Friday, without a doubt ill be there with bells on. I do hope its the last time ill have to go there for a check up….but time will tell.

For now i sit and wait for my beautiful bouncing BumbleBee to arrive.

40 weeks 2 days

……and im STILL here….

Well i had a hospital checkup yesterday. I had an awesome OB. He asked if id been having any tightenings to which i said yes and they had been very painful, but i guess not doing the right things!

So he offered to do a VE and S&S if i wanted.

FIrst he done the usual checks, BP, Felt my tummy and tried to feel the head. Thats when he said he couldnt feel it anymore and it must be quite high still (after last week saying it was very low and fixed).

He went and got a middy in order to do the VE. He said if he couldnt feel the head then they would do a scan to see where bubs head was sitting. Well the VE revealed bubs head is firmly up against my cervix, and what he was feeling on the outside were actually shoulders!! S&S was done….and im not sure why everyone says they are painful, because honestly i hardly felt a thing.

They should only hurt if your cervix isnt open or ready.

I am 2cm already so thats a good sign

Came home and rested a bit. Around 4pm mucous and blood started coming out…unfortunately its all gone now..but im still that he makes an appearance REAL SOON!!!

I have another appointment booked for next Friday….OMG i hope i dont make it til then!!

40 weeks 5 days

O M F G…….im still here

WTF is going on BumbleBee….why do you not want to come out?????

Since 8am ive been getting pains….were 6-8 mins apart…but now all over the shop. They just wont stay or get stronger…let alone longer.

Im sick of this…i hate waiting..i hate not knowing when my baby is going to show his gorgeous face….i hate my body for not making him come out.

I was reading yesterday on some site that the minute a baby is conceived it it fine tuned to how long it will bake for….i guess im baking for a long time.

I know some people go over by a week….even closer to 42 weeks…..but why me….what did i do this time?

Jasmine was born at 40+5….so i should have expected this….but i say she was only 4 days overdue simply cos she only made it into the 5th day by 6 minutes (she was born at 12.06am).

But this little man…other then these stupid pains today he isnt making any effort or signs to say ‘Im on my way Mummy’.

Then i have the problem of someone looking after my girls. I had my friend lined up. She was coming to get them from home when i went into labour and they would stay with her. This was all good until yesterday she just remembers she doesnt have a car through the day anymore as her DH has gone back to work. So if i go into labour through the day im up $h1t creek basically

I have asked Craigs mates if they can come over if i do have to go to hospital through the day, and then when my friends hubby gets home, she will pop over and get them.

Today is possibly Craig and my last Tuesday child free day……unless we make it to Thursday where that will become our last child free day!

Im hoping i dont get to Fridays appointment still…im really fearing an induction, but right now all i want is my baby so will do anything to have him in my arms.

41 Weeks

He is HERE!!!! Our BumbleBee has arrived…7 days late!