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Beep Beep Beep went the alarm. 5.30am on the dot. I was wide awake, not slept a wink all night!

I was up rearing to go. Woke Mel and i headed for the shower. Had some breakfast but both realised it was far to early to eat and could only stomach 1 pancake each. At 6.45am we were out the door and off to Bowral for hair and make-up.

Walking into the hair dressers we were greeted by the willing staff, and Kathy and Angela. Not long after in stumbled Sarah. We all looked a little tired but excitement was setting in. I kept getting questioned as to why i was so calm and relaxed, after all i was getting married! With all hair and make-up complete we all looked and i’m sure felt a million dollars :)

All then headed to Macca’s in Woodbine for lunch.

Then off to Maclin to begin the fun of dressing up. Checked in and went for the room. Sat around for a little bit, the nerves were setting in and so was the pacing.

With the girls and kids dressed, the time had come, it was my turn. Thankfully Renee was on hand to help me. By the time i was all laced up at the back, shoes on and veil placed neatly i was ready to face the world…..or at least Tom the photographer.

Happy snaps begun and time was ticking on. At 2.25 pm the 2 stretch limos arrived and i knew it was the start of a nervous occasion. All boarded into the cars. Mum and Dad both came with me.

On the way cars were honking and waving, was a great feeling inside. But all the way i was so scared, nervous and didn’t know if i could do it. It was when Mum piped up ‘I can see the church’ that my tummy knotted and i felt the sickest feeling in ages.

Pulling into the driveway i freaked. Guests were all still outside… so i was carrying on about it, but they soon went inside. Pulled up at the doors to find Craig and the minister outside, again i freaked. I later found out that the minister pulled Craig outside cos they had been looking for mum.

With everyone back inside and all of the party out of the cars, lined up ready to enter. Veil down it was time…. time to marry the man of my dreams. All the girls had entered and it was my big moment. Dad started shedding tears and i fought them back. In we went, everyone was a blur, all i could do was smile, smile a nervous but very happy one.

We finally reached the end, and there was Craig, looking his best and made me so proud :D

Friday 7th July 2006

Today was a busy day. It started at 7am for Craig and I. I headed off to Bowral for my spray tan, while Craig stayed home and done his own thing.

Around 10.30 we headed to Camden and dropped off the reception items and picked up Mel. Then headed to Maclin Lodge to gather Craigs family for the church rehearsal. After a good run through Craig, Mel and I went to Macarthur Square to have lunch, Get my ring polished and get a new tie for Brendan cos his had a huge big brown stain on the front (was a white tie). With all that fixed we headed to pick up my dress and drop it off with Kathy (Craigs mum). Caught up with my Aunty June. After a long day Mel and I headed back for Mossy for a girly night. Which seen us head to bed just a tad before MIDNIGHT!!!!

OMG only 3 days to go!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I am so excited, yet so scared and nervous!!

I have been praying the last few days cos its been raining down here….. but today its SUNNY!! So i hope its like this in Camden on Saturday or ill be tearing my hair out!!

This week Rhiannon has been staying with Craig and I.

Tomorrow is a big day. Dentist, nails, tans, and picking up the boys suits!

Friday we have to drop off all the things at reception, church rehearsal and the final day of freedom!!

I just cant wait. I keep thinking today is Thursday, days are going so slow!

Ah well, that’s about all, was just a quick update on the wedding!!

Til next time thats about all until possibly after the wedding, hope everyone has a great weekend.

:D Also a big HAPPY BIRTHDAY to Renee for tomorrow and Rhiannon for Sunday :D

Well things are going better then expected so far. All the reception things have been sorted out, bombonieres all ready to be sent to reception as well. Final menu and seating have been completed. Yesterday i had my hair trial and absolutely love the style. Will look really good on the day (i hope). Last night Tom called me about the photo times. They will be starting at 1.30pm and then going to the church to do the guys prior to the ceremony.
This means hair will still have to start at 7am and be left Bowral by 10.30am at the latest in order to fit lunch in and be ready on time!

I also had another doctors appointment yesterday. Things going well. Baby is apparently the right size and sitting where it should be. 2-3 weeks time i can have my first ultrasound. Normally done at 18 weeks but 20-22 weeks give you a better size and more accurate due date. So i’m waiting til then. Probably before we head off on our honeymoon ill get it done. I also have to attend an anaesthetist clinic. This is because of some of the problems Bowral public hospital have been having with pregnant women who are carrying a little extra padding (a nice way of saying fat) before pregnancy started. All it ensures is that if i was to have a C-Section or they needed to give me anesthetic then they can determine if it would become a high risk birth (Bowral only deals with low-medium risk births as they don’t have all the high tech equipment).

This weekend Renee will be down with the kids again. Rhiannon and myself have our final dress fittings. Will be good to see them again.

Its all action GO this week and next. The rest of this week is a quite one for me. Mostly begins next week. Suit fittings, nails, tans, rehearsals all that funky jazz!

:D :D 10 days to gooooooooooooooooooo :D :D

By that statement i mean my friends success at Curves. Today was D-Day. All up she has now lost 12 kg, 49 cm and 6% body fat!! WELL DONE :)

Me on the other hand wasn’t so lucky. I managed to loose 1 cm on my bum and 1 cm on my thighs. But gained in every other area. Especially the waist :(
Norty bub!!

Yesterday the wedding bombonieres arrived and look really good. Very pleased with them, think they will look great on the reception tables.

I also had my hospital appointment yesterday afternoon. Now all booked in and paperwork done. Sitting in the waiting room for the midwife, i casually said to Craig ‘All of a sudden i hate hospitals’, and got really nervous. I don’t know why but just didn’t want to be there. In the end it was fine. I go back to my OB next Tuesday so I’ll see how things are going.

This weekend not a lot is planned. Going to Campbelltown to pick up Sarahs dress, pay the final amount on the flowers and go clothes shopping (so i have things to wear that actually fit me), and going out for tea for Craigs birthday with Mum and Dad.

:D 15 days to go :D

Well what a weekend.

Friday night saw Craig and Terry head off on their camping weekend. All packed with warm clothes and rugged up to face any temperatures! The left around 6.30pm. Nice and cold that night as well.
That same night Renee and the kids come down as well. Lucky me had the 2 girls for the night. We all settled into bed around 12.30am!

Satuday morning the kids, myself plus Renee and mum and dad headed to Capbelltown where the fun began. First stop was Beautiful Brides where the girls had to try on their dresses to be altered. Next i had to. Surprisingly it fitted and i was over the moon. Can see a slight baby bump but not a hugely noticeable one! We spent close to 2 hours in that shop! The whole time Brendan was great. All he wanted to do was try on his suit. Thats what we did next. Headed to Macarthur Square to Calabro. I met Sam there to also try on his suit for fittings.

I must say both boys look so cute and handsome in their suits.

After a much needed lunch we all headed to hit the shops. Paid more on my flowers and bought a few things. Got Craig his birthday Present (his birthday is tomorrow 21st June…and he will be a ripe ol’ age of 25).

I was exhausted come 5.30pm so we headed home. Then out for dinner at local Chinese restruant.

Was a long and tiring day. I hit the pillow around midnight yet again.

Craig arrived home around 2pm on Sunday. Sounds like they had a great time. On Saturday night it got down to around -6 degrees!!!!

Thats about all for now. This week is the start of hectic times.
On Thursday I’m off to the hospital to book in and things like that. So baby going well on all accounts.

:) Now 18 days to go and getting nervous :)

Having waited a week for Sarahs dress to come from Newcastle, it finally arrived. So today we headed up there to make sure all was good. It was!!
Took it to the alteration shop and will now be ready by next Saturday for me to pick up.

Just waiting on Rhiannon and Dannika to get their dresses altered and Brendans suit fitting. Getting Sam’s done this weekend. As well as my own dress alterations. Hope it fits or there will be trouble!

Things are coming along very nicely now and no more dramas have arose!

Baby is going well. Making me sick but I’m getting there.

The next 3 weeks are going to be very hectic. Between Doctors appointments, and wedding both are time consuming.

That’s about all to update on until news comes to hand.

:D 23 days to go and counting :D

Cos im a nice person i thought id be nice to give Craig’s business a plug :P

Take a look and u might just find what u have been looking for!!

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Well RSVP has now gone by. I’m now extremely happy. We got a final of 73 people. Not a bad effort after how slow people were with replying. All though alot of the people still never bothered to send a card but told me they would be there.

Yesterday mum and i headed to Narellan to speak with Shirley in regards to the reception and menus etc. Getting exciting now. We also met up with the balloon lady and picked out what we wanted done.

After there we headed to Wentworthville to the bridal shop where i got my shoes. I tired on so many, loved lots but heel was to high or i didn’t feel comfortable, but managed to find a nice pair!

Then we headed to DeBras. Bought some bridal lingerie. Cost a bit, but worth it in the end.

After a long day we headed home for some much needed rest.

On another note, over the weekend Angela and Sarah G went in to pick up their dresses. Angela had no problems. Dress fitted perfectly and no need for any alterations. Sarah G on the other hand was a different story. Her dress was to tight. Just would not do up at all. There is now a new size being sent down from Newcastle and will be here by the end of the week.

We also had another problem with the other Sarah. She was unable to have her money ready after me telling her 6 weeks ago that we were getting the dresses out. She was unable to do it for another 2 weeks. By then it would have been 3 weeks out from wedding. Now i think about it, what if her dress had not fitted and we had to wait another week for one to be sent from another store…time would not have been on our side at all.

So there was a bit of a disagreement and i asked her to no longer be in the bridal party. She was cool about it. Then on Saturday she done the most down right rude maneuver. She went into Calabro herself and cancelled her dress. That was fine. What was wrong was, she went in cancelled the dress and then was refunded the money paid on her dress. Mind you she had not paid a cent for it. So in other words she walked out with OUR money and never bothered to tell me. Was not until i went in with Angela that i was told she had taken the money. Both Craig and i were furious how she could deceive us like that. What kind of a friend does that. I sent her an SMS saying it was rude and wanted the money back. No reply.

Come Sunday afternoon however, she had her BF sms’ing me the lamest messages. Blaming me for taking her for a ride, that I’m a retard, gutless, and that i had lost a friend. BIG WHOOPSIE DO. If she was a friend at all she wouldn’t have strung me along and made excuses each time money was needed to be paid. Never had any interest in being a bridesmaid from the start i feel. On the phone she asked about hens night and said she didn’t go cos it would have been boring and she had better things to spend her money on…. what kind of friend and bridesmaid says shit like that??

Now i have it off my chest i feel so much better and glad its one less hassle i have to deal with. So i now have Melinda, Angela and Sarah G. Craig has Terry, Mathew, and James. Gus stood down when we took out Sarah as he didn’t mind saving the money from the suit. Gus is getting married in October so every penny he saves he can spend on his own special day.

:D So only 32 days to go :D

Yesterday (Tuesday) Craig and I headed off the see the OB for our monthly check up.

All is going well doctor can feel a baby (or something any way cos he got pretty excited). Was given a letter so i can now book into the local hospital and also Antenatal classes (or as i call them huff and puff classes). I go back again in 4 weeks where he will arrange first ultrasound. I so cant wait.Its going to be a very exciting time and its sure to hit home with exactly what is going on!

Today i called the hospital, they were very friendly and helpful. On 22nd June i have to actually go to the hospital to book in for the delivery and have an interview with a midwife who will give me all the information i need.

Saturday 21st and 28th October we attend huff and puff classes :P

Few more RSVP cards coming in again, still not as many as i’d have hoped for this late in the time frame. But on a up side.. i now have 2 of my buddies coming!!

Mum and Dad having a great time in Melbourne. Today they were heading on a bus trip down the Great Ocean Road.

Think that’s about all that’s really going on in this neck of the woods.

:) Now just 38 days to go :)